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Assisted Living
Easy to manage program
Personalized website for straightforward online ordering
Easy order forms for employees
Dedicated account manager
Your partner in ensuring uniform program success
Knowledgeable about you, your employees and your business objectives
Programs tailored to your specific needs
Custom ordering options
Cost management
Time-saving strategies
Consistent branding across every department
Every employee is easily recognizable
Add embroidery and engraving
Portrays a professional image for your facility
Connects you with your community
Contact a Dedicated Account Manager to learn more

The largest in-stock selection:
Scrubs ›
Lab Coats ›
Antimicrobial & Fluid Barrier ›
Stethoscopes ›
Medical Devices ›
Footwear ›
Accessories ›
Senior Specialty Clothing ›
Enhance patient trust and reliability with a customized uniform program for your Assisted Living facility.
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